Thyme with Debbie

Instructional classes about seasonal ingredients and flavors in the kitchen


Welcome to Thyme with Debbie, a new adventure in learning about cooking and flavors! 

Heralding from the beautiful Lebanon Valley in the heart of the Pennsylvania Dutch region, I have come to appreciate the fresh seasonal produce that is so easily available during the growing season. Being both a gardener and a cook, I feel fortunate to be able to have access to the bounty our region offers. I hope you will find a similar philosophy in my approach to teaching these classes.  

In addition to tending my own garden and cooking for family and friends, I have had the good fortune of learning from and growing with my local cooperative extension. Through various volunteer and employment opportunities I have been:

  • Penn State Master Gardener for nearly 30 years

  • Co-creator of the Amateur Herbalists (a Master Gardener sponsored program for 27 years)

  • Penn State Master Food Preserver

  • Penn State Family Living Program Assistant for seven years

  • Teacher and cook of the Lebanon County Cooking Institute for 14 years

  • ServSafe trained since November 2018

My time at the extension was an opportunity to use my teaching degree in the form of adult education. I have taught numerous topics in the realm of gardening and cooking.

Thyme with Debbie is taking those experiences and moving them into another arena of cooking classes. Nothing makes me happier than teaching others about the seasons of the garden, the foods we enjoy, and the flavors that make those foods shine.

I think one of my class participants put it best, Thyme with Debbie is “cooking with love and flavor.”

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