Thyme with Debbie

Instructional classes about seasonal ingredients and flavors in the kitchen

As we continue to explore different American regions, we will spend the second half of the year honoring harvest festivals with our own “mini” festivals and then refocusing on techniques and seasonal cold weather cooking.

You will come away with having tasted different dishes and the adapted recipes for you to try at home.

Class packages available! Although each class is available for individual purchase, if you’re interested in a 6-month group of classes for the second half of the year (June - December), please click the button below.

Techniques: Revamping the Casserole

October 15

Comfort food, church suppers, well-wish dinner gifts, freezer meals. Casseroles are an iconic American dish. Come and learn all about this comfort food, some tips and tricks, and how it has become synonymous with American living.

On the Road….Coming Home

October 21, sessions begin at 8:50 a.m. or 5:50 p.m.

Thyme with Debbie will be on the road and heading to the Lebanon County Extension’s Coming Home. The program benefits the Alletta Schadler Scholarship Fund.

November 12

Step back in time to learn about the traditional foods shared at the first Thanksgiving. See how the traditional foods have evolved and how Thanksgiving is celebrated around the country.  Share your own stories and foods that you have come to associate with Thanksgiving. This is a special time of family, friendship and acknowledgement of the year’s harvest. Come and celebrate with us.

December 3

Baking and December holidays go hand in hand. Come and learn a few new special recipes that you will want to add to your annual traditions. We will discuss pyrotechnics with cooking, which flours to choose and make-a-head strategies to lessen stressful last-minute baking. Please feel free to share some of your own favorite baked goods at the class. Recipes and tastings welcome.

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